Hog Wired Rub

Hog Wired Rub
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Hog Wired?  What the?  Well - it's got coffee in it.  And not just any coffee.  We went to a local coffee roaster and told them what we were looking for.  We wanted a deep, rich, Italian roast coffee that we could grind into a powder to add to a balanced blend of spices that would give us the bold flavor smoked pork and beef deserve.

When we smoke our ribs we sprinkle this rub on both sides of the rib and let it brine in for a day before smoking on Hickory.  The result is a rib that needs no sauce.  However, we recommend a nice slathering of one of our gourmet sauces to seal the deal.

For our Smoked Prime Rib we rub a very generous amount of this rub on all sides of the rib roast.  If you are using a bone-in rib roast, Stu suggests removing the ribs, rubbing the roast, and then tying the rib bones back in place.  Then place the Prime Rib in your smoker at around 200 degrees until just before medium rare.  Take it out of the smoker and let sit for 20 to 40 minutes (depending on size) before carving.

No smoker?  While it's not quite the same, you can find natural liquid Hickory smoke flavoring at virtually any grocery store.  Mix it about 50/50 with water in a spray bottle and spray all sides of the Prime Rib before applying the rub.  Heat your oven to 200 degrees and place thick end down on a rack over a drip pan.  Bake slow and low until 5 degrees before desired doneness.  Let meat stand before carving just as you would if smoking.

Hog Wired is also great on baked or BBQ chicken.  Simply rub all surfaces of bone-in chicken sections or a whole chicken and smoke, BBQ, or bake.


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