Chipotle Rub

Chipotle Rub
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Chipotle Rub has that great taste of Chipotle Chilis combined with eight other key ingredients to form a great all around seasoning.

You can use it on burgers or chicken, on oven or skillet fried potatoes, in soups and sauces, on french fries, add it to your favorite breading or batter for deep frying, spice up your next stir fry, or just use it insead of salt and pepper.

Here's another simple suggestion.  Take a meat tenderizing mallet and pound out a boneless, skinless chicken breast.  Sprinkle with a bit of Chipotle Rub and sear in extra virgin olive oil.  Then either put it on a bun like a burger, put it on the plate as the main course, or cut it up and place it over a nice green salad. 

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