Blueberry Sage Sauce

Blueberry Sage Sauce
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Pig Feathers BBQ Blueberry Sage sauce is a sauce that will compliment and complete your favorite entre.  Make your next meal a work of art and a gourmet taste sensation.  This sauce is full of plump ripe blueberries and bright, savory sage.

Simply sear your favorite cut of meat in olive oil and garlic (we recommend rare to medium rare), then spoon generously over the top.  This sauce makes a pork loin chop special and a filet mignon unbelievable.  For an added touch, put a couple fresh blueberries and a sprig of fresh sage on the side of the plate and listen for the oohs and ahs!

Oh - by the way... if you are looking to turn non-game eaters into game meat lovers, this oughta do.

Looking for something unbelievably simple yet wildly flavorful?  Make a bacon/swiss burger and spoon a couple spoonfuls over the top of the melted cheese.

You will wnt to keep an eye on this sauce because it tends to sprout legs and walk out the door with your guests.

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